TranslateZ - UI/UX & Development studio

We are a development & UI/UX studio
focused on building design systems for the web, webapps & websites

Our Approach

We work as extensions of businesses to build solutions and take them from zero to one


We start in the deep end

We engage with organisations understanding the core business, rather than only sticking to the scope. We believe understanding what we are building for, impacts the quality of outcome.


Building for humans

At the heart of anything we do, we are making things for humans. We obsess over details, which matter.


Deep, not wide

We are like a swiss knife specializing in few things, than doing anything and everything.


Focusing on what matters

We aren't afraid to steal. 80% of experiences are the same (which is why most e-commerce sites looks the same). The remaining 20% is what creates value. It is what brands are built on and is where we focus on.


Design Systems

Design systems are integral for building consistent digital experiences at scale. We help teams and businesses to build and execute design systems at scale.

Components/Pattern libraries+

Style guides+

Live components documentations+

Platforms & Websites

Websites and web apps are core of all digital businesses. We work with organisations to build websites/web apps from conception to launch with speed and reliability.

User Experience design+

IA development+

Front-end development+

Back-end development+


Viraj Soni


Viraj has been working in technology and design for 8+ years and has help build digital experiences across edtech, media, SaaS, enterprise, and several others. When he is not working you can find him talking about all things crypto and DeFi. He is an avid reader of technology, art, economy and startups.


Yash Desai

UI/UX Designer

Yash is passionate about designing products with superior experiences that solve problems for the people using it. When he's not solving UX/UI problems Yash is practicing for MMA competitions. He is an avid traveller and enjoys trekking and exploring new places and cuisines.

Mohit Kumar

Front-end Developer

Mohit is passionate about creating interactive web experiences. When he is not working you can find him playing chess or watching documentaries. He is an avid reader of science, technology and philosophy.

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